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We are have over ten years of experience of working within the health housing and social care sectors.

The challenges involved in recruiting within these areas have been increasingly highlighted in the media and local news. In turn we know that having the right staff working within your service is vital to acheiving the right outcomes.

With the current critical state of health and social care in the United Kingdom and with resources stretched to almost breaking point, the need for effective recruitment has never been more important. The situation was already critical prior to the decision was made to exit the European Union, but since then, more and more European nurses, carers and support workers are choosing to avoid UK in favour of countries that aren’t seemingly trying to push them away.


When talking about healthcare professionals, it’s easy to limit your thinking to simply doctors and nurses in hospitals, but the requirement in manpower is long and varied. There are countless roles in numerous different kinds of organisations for senior carers, registered managers, project workers, housing offers, social workers and even kitchen staff that are experiencing a major skills gap right now. The positions need filling and we can help you do just that.


The worst possible time


In addition to exponential population growth in the UK and the wider world, it is said that right now ⅙ th of the population is aged 65 or over, which is going to soon put an even greater burden upon an already stretched workforce. The problem simply isn’t going to go away, so the question is, is there anything that can be done both in the short and long term?


Professional Recruitment


At Recruit 247 Care, we are able to identify the right personnel to the fill the healthcare roles that you can’t. Our experienced team has the skills and expertise required to recruit the ideal candidates for hospitals, supported housing, care homes, care agencies, local authorities and even private businesses.


By carefully vetting all of our workers, we can take all of the legwork out of your search for reliable, qualified staff, so that you can concentrate on the job in hand - looking after your patients’ welfare. You don’t need to be running around arranging interviews and everything else that comes along with recruitment, when you can leave it to someone else.


That is where we come in.


Quality Personnel


Since we began, we have adopted a philosophy for attracting the very best professionals in the healthcare sector by offering them all of the necessary ongoing support. Because we do so, we know that our candidates are happy and we know that when we put someone forwards, they are going to be everything we promise they will be.


There are many facets and very particular skill sets required to work effectively in each of the arms of health and social care, so as a business or organisation, you need to know that the personnel you are taking on are up to the job. When a candidate comes to you with a Recruit 247 Care endorsement, you know they are going to do you proud.


Emergency Staffing


The healthcare and social care industries are amongst the most fluid and dynamic sectors around, which means that being able to react to a crisis or at least having the capacity to, is vital. Whether the staffing gap is due to illness, market conditions or simply that new roles have arisen, you need to know that there is someone to turn to with access to staff with the right skills and experience.


At Recruit 247 Care, we not only supply personnel for emergency staffing issues, but we can supply emergency carers for a host of different reasons. It could be that respite care is needed for an individual on a domiciliary basis or a shortage of staff in a hospital or care home that is the issue. In either sense we have